20 X Duracell AA Industrial Battery


20 Duracell Industrial AAA Alkaline


Duracell Industrial 20 x AA Alkalin



Although the Fuel Cell is only just starting to be considered as an alternative to conventional ways of generating power it is not a new concept. The first fuel cell was developed as long ago as 1839. Sir William Grove (1811-1896), a British lawyer and amateur scientist discovered the principle during an unsuccessful electrolysis experiment. However there were a number of problems with this Fuel Cell that rendered it impractical and there was little interest in the development of fuel cells for many more years to come. Francis Bacon, a chemical engineer at Cambridge University, revived interest in the fuel cell in the 1930s. It took Bacon until the 1950s to develop and produce a practical fuel cell that had an increased power density. Bacons fuel cell electrodes were constructed from Nickel rather than the Platinum that had been used by Grove. This reduced the cost of the fuel cell as Nickel is less expensive than Platinum.